2012 Christmas List…

1. You.

2. You being here with me.
3. Your hugs.
4. Your kisses.
5. Cuddling.
6. Did i mention you?
7. Hand holding.
8. Your present.
9. You meeting my family.
10. OH and you.. 

Everyone has that one friend..

You make plans with them and they always fall through. Sometimes 5 days before, sometimes it’s after the time you were supposed to meet them when you tell them you’re leaving after waiting two hours. Why do I even try? 
You can’t say I didn’t try. I hit you up like I said I would. You’re the one who didn’t pull through. I met ya half way buddy. So don’t be mad and put on a front saying I’m too busy for you. Well guess what… I am. I made time in my busy schedule for YOU and you lost that PRIVILEGE. Sorry, you can get in the line labeled “least important”. I’ll get back to you on that.

soo true!


Pet Peeve #1:

  • Flaky People. I am so tired of planning things with people and find out an hour before we go anywhere, that they can’t go anymore or they had another appointment. I’m just thinking, “Come on, get your shit together!”

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